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Marian T22/02/2018 14:23:45
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Hi Emma

I've contacted Kathleen re mags.


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Sue 6225/02/2018 22:48:19
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I was lucky enough to win two complimentary tickets for the Knitting and Sewing Show at Olympia London next week from our magazines.

Unforunately I am now unable to go on the dates and although I have asked/emailed friends and even asked at a local Quilt show no-one is able to use them.

So if anyone on the website would be interested there is still time to post them to you.

The dates are next week...Thursday 1st or Friday 2nd or Sunday 4th March.

Please message me as soon as possible with your postal address and one or two will be sent to you.

Thanks, Sue Acland.

Sue 6226/02/2018 12:19:26
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**The Knitting and Stitching Show

Sue 6204/03/2018 12:57:54
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Well that was some few days wasn't it and I hope everyone is seeing the snow disappearing from their roads and gardens as we are here on the banks of the river Severn.

It was a great surprise for us as we rarely see more than a flurry or two which rarely settles but this although powdery stuck and grew!

So we didn't go to Bath for my pre-op assessment on Thursday morning but did a mini shop just in time.

I'm really grateful that no-one asked for the above tickets as they probably wouldn't have reached you in time and unless you lived close it would have been a real problem going. I feel sorry for all the people who set it up and wonder how many actually went- did you get there Emma?

Best wishes to all those still having problems with icy roads and cut off by the huge snowdrifts. Hopefully the rain will help clear some.

Would you believe at the moment we have sun and rain! Sue*

rosemary Rosenfeld07/03/2018 09:37:30
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Good morning everyone.... now life is back to normal for most of us I hope.... and I'm sorry for anyone without power and/or water!

I've just been"chatting" online to a friend in the USA and we got onto the subject of binding a quilt and that got me thinking! So......?

Single or double binding?

Mitred corners or a separate binding on each side?

Sewn from the right side or from reverse side?

Slip stitched by hand or machine finished?

Do you always do the same thing?

Best Rosemary

Eileen Foster07/03/2018 18:29:44
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so far I have been doing a 2 1/2" wide strip folded in half. sew on to the right side of the quilt with mitred corners. then slip stitched into place on the back.

But I am going to try doing wavy/ triangle bits that then stick out from the binding.

Jayne07/03/2018 19:06:42
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Hi Rosemary,

I have FOUR that are my 'go to' bindings. it depends on time and the health of my hands...

1, Like Margaret, 2 1/2" wide strip (Not Bias) folded in half, sew to the right side with mitred corners, bring to the front and slip stitch down.

2. 2 1/2" strip folded in half, machine to the back of the quilt, again with mitred corners, and machined to the front with a leaf pattern fancy stitch.

3. I also like a flange binding that's 2 strips of fabric 1 1/4" main colour and 1 3/4" high light colour, then finish as per #1.

4. If I'm working with a fleece backing I make it 2" wider all round, cut off the corners of the fleece. and stitch the cut edges together, then bring the fleece to the front and stitch down with a zigzag to catch the edge down. Jenny Doan has a good tutorial of this.


20170901 - grenfell #2.jpg

I just like to mix it up a bit.

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Edited By Jayne on 07/03/2018 19:26:14

Jayne07/03/2018 19:22:16
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Rosemary would it be a good idea to copy these into another thread? They would then be available for reference by one and all.

Jayne x

Margaret S07/03/2018 19:41:13
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Always double binding for me. Single may be o.k. for wallhangings, but I feel that it is not strong enough for quilts that get used. Double bindings also seem to lie better and are easier to hand sew down along the fold. I usually cut on the straight grain across the width of the fabric as this has a bit of stretch, although I will cut on the bias for big curves. I nearly always join the strips with a crossway seam, even if the strip is on the straight as it spreads the wear.

I prefer to cut my strips at 1 7/8" as I like a narrow binding and it works well for me when hand sewn down on the back. Sometimes I use a 2" strip but feel that this is best sewn first onto the back and folded over to the front and machined down. Sometimes I use straight machining, sometimes machine blanket stitch.

Mitred corners never seem to go well for me so I usually bind on parallel sides.

I prefer to hand sew a binding down but it depends on time and the use for the quilt. I find it very therapeutic to hem a binding down. It's thinking time for me.

So I don't always do the same thing, but one thing I am known for is not being able to use a 2 1/2" strip!

Winnie the B.O.L.B11/03/2018 13:51:43
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Hi - I'll start off here on Chat to catch your attention but I'll create a "Pieced Backings" thread if it needs it.

Anyhow, I often do pieced backings - I have a large fabric and scrap stash tht is too good to waste. However, because I have no idea how to square it all up to sit correctly with the front and I have always believed I should be doing a wee bit of "stretching" to keep my backing fabric straight and flat, I have only ever done scrappy type ones so that I can cut them to size with no problem visually. Does that make any sense?

I really would like to use more structured ones sometimes but I need some lessons, guidance, tips etc. Can anyone help, please - all contributions gratefully received!!!!


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