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Thread: king sized bed quilt to make
22/07/2018 08:29:37

I was in Norfolk last week and in wales this week so not done much of this quilt. But I did get some fabric for the outer border and the backing fabric 108" wide from Hunstanton. I have all the blocks done just need to think about how I will assemble it.

Thread: Chat
22/07/2018 08:26:14

I will look forward to seeing your photos Rosemary. It is lovely having a penfriend. I used to have a French penfriend for 40 yrs.

Thread: Show and Tell 2018
22/07/2018 08:21:49

that is so pretty and it would be lovely quilt for any woman young or old.

16/07/2018 19:22:21

this is gorgeous Rosemary, some one will be a very happy bunny with it to play with.

Thread: Chat
04/07/2018 22:28:30

that's penfriends with a twist. lovely quilts and a gorgeous theme.

Thread: king sized bed quilt to make
04/07/2018 22:23:27

thanks for the encouragement. I have chosen blocks that I enjoy making and know they are relatively quick. As I need to qayg, the borders are in sections too. I did wake up in the middle of the night trying to decide which fabrics to use for what. I will need to buy some more dusky pinks I think.

I love the white quilt Sylvia and these are labours of love aren't they.

I decided to plan it on graphpaper as I put all my designs into a folder as a record. they are done in pencil so I can rub out mistakes Margaret. hubby says he wishes I was as tidy around the house smiley

yes the wallpaper ! not my choice but it would be awful if we were all the same.

03/07/2018 21:56:11







I just have to decide which fabrics to go with each block and then start sewing.

but I have to go to wales flat hunting for my daughter in a weeks time so that is 4 days out of action.



Edited By Eileen Foster on 03/07/2018 21:57:41

03/07/2018 21:46:51

I have been rummaging through the stash today and I have a lot to choose from.

I have also planned the design using some of the blocks in her grandson's quilt that I made. Their carpet is deep violet and I know I have some in a box which I will use for a 4" border and I think I will use a grey for the outer border.

I will have to decide which fabrics are used for which block. the plan colours are a key for the quilt.

I am doing a butterfly design from quilters cache for the cornerstones and half way down the outer border.

I am also going to incorporate some fabrics from her grandson's quilt too. I have a small butterflies scrap that I may 'scatter' along the border to add interest.

photos to follow

1 is the wall paper

2 the plan

3 the fabrics available.

Thread: Chat
03/07/2018 08:42:20

I agree with the above observations. In my case I'd put a nice plant pot on the mark and hide it that way. The tapestry cushions I did in the conservatory have faded badly but I didn't mind as much as they were a project I did 20 yrs ago and never got to put them out. that's not going to happen with quilting.

Thread: Show and Tell 2018
03/07/2018 08:36:39

the fabrics are in the same range so they all complement each other. the pale lilac 'fan blade' has small sprigs of flowers on it and the pinky colour matches that too. I cant remember who make it.

ooh the braid one sounds good Pam, is that also a quilt be the yard or paper piecing.?

Eileen x

Thread: king sized bed quilt to make
03/07/2018 08:29:04

thanks ladies. I think I will go for 6' x7' then it will drape over the sides too.

she loves the sampler type like I did for her grandson so I will be using a range of 121/2" blocks with a border to 'enlarge' it. I just have to chose the blocks and do a few repeats so that it forms a coherent overall pattern.

I will machine it my self as she likes the outline quilting to enhance the patterns in the block.and due to its size it will be quilt as you go, probably in 2' sections [6 blocks deep x5 blocks wide or 5x 4 with sashing in between] and then add 6" of borders. I have been awake a lot in the night mulling this over. I love my family but really they have no idea.

off shopping in about an hour. I will let you see the design and fabrics as soon as I can.

thanks for the support.

02/07/2018 17:53:43

My sister in law is 50 in September and my brother has asked me to make her a quilt. He doesn't understand time frames surprise the bed is king sized . is this 5ft wide by 6.1/2ft long?

He has sent me a sample of their wallpaper so I can incorporate the colours and the carpet is deep violet so I am off to buy fabric tomorrow and then I need to plan what design I am going to do. sadly not keen on the colour scheme but I will do my best

Thread: Show and Tell 2018
02/07/2018 17:28:10

These are wonderful pieces of sewing/quilting ladies. That was a good amount raised Rosemary well done. Took me ages to work out what a steamer was then it clicked. very imaginative.

I have been busy with the garden, sailing and sewing dresses for a holiday in Sardinia last month.

Finally got to do some quilting this last couple of weeks.

Its another quilt by the yard activity grandmother's fan design.

I used a zigzag stitch to anchor the layers together.

front grandmas fan.jpg

back of grandmas fan.jpg

Thread: Chat
08/06/2018 19:10:13

Every year my hubby gives it a 'deep clean' and oils what needs oiling. I de-fluff it every 20hrs of sewing or so. avoid pins and use a new needle for every project unless I am quilting in which case every 12 hrs of sewing or so.

our sewing group has a chap Pat test them for free every year. I am always amazed at how many are not electrically safe.

Thread: Hello + newbie question! :)
02/06/2018 07:49:38

theoretically I think the answer is yes you need to tell them, if it is a business. But if its for 'pin money' then I think no.

why not ring them and ask. Take down the name of the person you speak to so if there is any 'conflict' you can tell them who told you what.

I hope you enjoy being on this site. I;ve been a member for over a year now. I love it and gained so much inspiration.

Thread: Chat
29/05/2018 18:25:56

i'm still sewing but mainly clothes for an up coming holiday. Hubby and I have been away too and I've also been gardening as we have had very little rain. Our youngest girl is due home on Thursday so it will be housework for me tomorrow sad

Thread: Show and Tell 2018
11/05/2018 17:37:45

that looks amazing Rosemary. well done and I hope you have a lovely anniversary in Vienna. Is it a 'big' /extra special one?

05/05/2018 18:25:17

I also like your pinwheels. I also like the subtlety of your colour choice. I like the idea of using buttons. looks very good.

Thread: Popular Patchwork Announcement
04/05/2018 09:27:11

I agree with the sentiments above. I am a newcomer to patchwork and quilting. I love the forum and was made to feel welcome from day one. But I must confess I only bought a magazine if there were articles in it that I liked.


Thread: Show and Tell 2018
01/05/2018 19:35:34

wow that is lovely Carol.

I don't seem to have done much quilting this month, mind I have been gardening and sailing too.

Have just done another quilt by the Yard [foundation piecing] for a Ann who has a lovely fabric shop in Hornsea. I didn't chose the fabrics but I do think it looks effective.

kaleidoscope quilt by the yard.jpg

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