May issue 

Storm at Sea lap quilt page 38 

The pattern template A for this pattern has been printed too large. The correct size should be 4in square. 


June Issue 

Seminole quilt page 51 

Strip sizes should be cut as follows: 

Hi: 4.5in x 38in 

Hii: 7.5in x 38in 

Hii: 6.5in x 38in 

Fiii: two of 3.5in x 38in 


This therefore means that the total fabric of H required is 26in (or 3/4 yard rather than 1/2 yard). 

Total fabric of F required is 20in (rather than 1/2yd/18in). 


These new measurements mean that you can now proceed with: No.16 cut into eight 4.5in strips. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are buying the Seminole quilt kit from the Caroline Alice website, the measurements have all been amended and the kits are correct.